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What’s a Maktabi Serviced Office?

As a Maktabi client, your Serviced Office includes:

  • A fully furnished office suite
  • A dedicated receptionist
  • Secretarial services and a multilingual personal assistant, as you require
  • Fully equipped corporate boardrooms and meeting rooms
  • Leading IT and communications technology
  • A magnificent reception with spectacular views
  • A contemporary kitchen
  • Waiting area
  • Valet parking
  • Office boys – pantry services


How can I arrange a visit of your Serviced Offices?
We believe to fully understand Maktabi you need to see it for yourself. We invite you to tour with us in a location convenient for you by either completing our online form or contacting your location manager.


How many people can a Maktabi office accommodate?

Your Serviced Office can cost effectively accommodate up to 10 employees.

How long does it take to set up an office for me?

Your office will be operational in as little as 24 hours, or as required to accommodate your schedule.


How long is my Serviced Office contract commitment?

The minimum contract term at Maktabi is one month. However, should it become a critical necessity of your business we could also provide our serviced offices starting from a one-day term!


How is a Maktabi Serviced Office more cost effective than renting my own office space?

At Maktabi you get the facilities, services and infrastructure of a multinational corporation for less than the cost of a secretary.

As a Serviced Office client you have two fixed costs:

  • Office rental
  • Communication rental

For all additional services Maktabi charges by usage. Put another way, you pay for what you use, nothing else.